Kalyan Hospitality is proud to introduce our new Team Member Spotlight page! Our Team Member Spotlight page allows us to broadcast our amazing, hard working colleagues. The Spotlight is always changing, be sure to check back in for our newest featured employees!

Champions of the Quarter! (Q1 2022)

A major thank you to the Home2’s wonderful Front of House, Shauntel Lee, and Back of House, Chris Cotton for putting in some serious work and staying until midnight 2 nights in a row! We celebrated their hard work and their QA score with a tasty luncheon! Their hard work did not go unnoticed!!

Also, two other hardworking Kalyan Hospitality superstars are the Holiday Inn’s Nicole Walker (Back of House) & Victoria Longhorn (Front of House). Thank you both for delivering Kalyan’s hospitality vision of supreme service!

The Hampton Roanokes’s Back of House, Maribel Aquilar Gomez, & Front of House, Jaime Smith, were also Champions of the Quarter! They went above and beyond daily, and the hotel guests truly noticed!

Lisa Wells

Lisa joined our Team Kalyan back in 1999. Lisa first started working at one of our sister property’s, it wasn’t until Nick called her for an interview did she join Team Kalyan. She began her journey as a Front Desk Agent and is now our outstanding Director of Accounting. If Lisa could pick three words to describe Kalyan Hospitality she would say Growing, Dedication, and Family. If she could wish for one thing to happen in the company within the next 10 years, it would be for her to be the Senior Director of Accounting with her own core team in order to create an even stronger foundation. In her free time, Lisa enjoys visiting National Parks throughout the U.S. and singing! Her favorite song to sing is My Heart Will Go On by by Celine Dion.

Lora Mowbray

Say hey to Lora Mowbray! Lora is our Dual Sales Manager at our Hampton Inn & Home2 Suites in Roanoke, Virginia, Lora has been with our Home2 Suites Roanoke, Virginia since the very beginning, when she was hired during the construction phase back in 2013. She then became the acting Sales Manager for the Home2 Suites as well as our Hampton Inn, Lora’s favorite parts of working for Kalyan are the life lasting friendships she has made with coworkers and the guests, respect, support, friendship, and the family feeling relationship she has developed with Nick & Rita over the years and being a part of the opening team at the Home2 Suites! Lora has been an incredible, inspiring, valuable, and strong member of our team. Lora’s capabilities are a key asset in the outstanding success of our Home2 Suites. The biggest pieces of advice she could give to new team members is to be dedicated and learn more. The Hospitality Industry has endless opportunities; taking the opportunity to learn more will open many doors! If she could be anyone from any time period, she would embrace her inner fashionista and be any female fashion designer! Lora is departing Kalyan Hospitality at the end of this July; We are saddened by her depart but her relationship with Kalyan will last a lifetime.  Our team is thankful to have had Lora as part of our company for the last 8 years, we will miss her dearly.

Melissa Jackson

Meet Melissa Jackson! Melissa is our General Manager at our Hampton Inn in Petersburg, Virginia. Melissa has been with Kalyan Hospitality since 2011!! Her she accepted the General Manager position earlier this year. Working the Front Desk will always be special and remain close to her heart, but she is excited to grow and advance with the company now that she is a General Manage: If she could switch jobs with anyone at Kalyan for a day, she would pick our owner, Mr. Nick Patel. Melissa would love to be an hotel owner of her own someday. Melissa defines success as “Meeting your goals”, Her encouragement and support will brighten anyone’s day. The three best words to describe Melissa are considerate, motivated, and loyal. One fun fact about Melissa is the best vacation she has ever been on was a trip to South Beach Miami!